Private Yoga Classes

My private classes are focusedon the individual and are personalised to the student’s needs. I start by performing an evaluation of movements of the body, and understand what the client would like to work on. Sometimes it could be a specific pain they feel in the body, dealing with stress or anxiety, insomnia, a particular yoga posture they are working on developing or something else. Once I understand the student’s goals, I design a series of yoga classes to work specifically on the desired area.

I trained with Yoga Medicine and approach the body from a combination of Eastern and Western methods to achieving the goals. Yoga Medicine concentrates on understanding the body and creating individualised yoga prescriptions for each individual. It looks at yoga as medicine, and the ability of a yoga practice to supplement Western methods of treatment to achieve recovery and be pain free. The community of Yoga Medicine yoga teachers around the world work with doctors and other practitioners to better understand the problem of the individual and help them address it.
I also use Yoga Nidra, a deep relaxation technique to support the recovery process. This techniqueallows the mind and body to relax, which aids the body’s ability to come back to anatural state of homeostasis. A state where it can recovery and cure itself naturally without external help. This technique was developed by Satyananda School of yoga.

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